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How much is one willing to sacrifice for the sake of freedom?

NXT is a system built using virtual reality as a way to get inside someone’s mind and see what makes them tick. It is often used as a way to “cure” an individual of their past, traumas, and anything else seen as a potential threat.

For fans of the Otherworld, Ready Player One, and Legion series comes a mind-altering, action-packed story of dark realization, betrayal, and ultimate human sacrifice in the name of science.

Echo Turner, abandoned daughter of a deranged man, has lived within isolation for a crime she’s not allowed to remember.

And she wants out.

Except she can’t leave, but not because of the rising toxicity levels and hungry wolves that roam outside of her perceived protection. She can’t know her world isn’t real, and the program resets anytime she’s made aware of its false reality.

Clyde Jackson made it his mission to secure the sanctity of humanity once Doctor Wyatt took over his parents’ program. Through many successes, came one difficult case. It wasn’t until later he learned the horrifying truth that was kept from them all.

NXT is about the mind-altering adventure of Echo Turner as she battles for freedom in a near-future world designed for rebuilding one’s sanity. Worse still, it is rather used to psychologically torture, hunt, and prey upon anyone who has entered this inescapable prison. Many don’t survive… Many more won’t…

OtherworldmeetsReady Player One“. This cutting-edge Cyberpunk Thriller is a unique blend of innovative Science Fiction, nail-biting Suspense, and a splash of Mystery. Perfect for fans of ideological concepts, virtual worlds, and near-possible futuristic technologies.

This is a roller-coaster ride of an exhilarating battle between one’s own memory, and one’s true reality. 

17+ Recommended

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