Don’t Fall For These Scams People…

Don’t Fall For These Scams People… Reading Time: 2 minutes

After scrolling Facebook for awhile I came across yet another post claiming to make anyone an instant best seller. With or without a following, and promising a short plan that requires little to no work on the authors end. YAWN 🥱 I took some screenshots and placed below my comment on the post.

And yes, they are scams. If they really worked, then no author would be complaining about not making enough sales. We’d have no reason to.

And the truth comes out. When are people gonna realize you can’t make decent income from writing a book? Hence people like this who try and sell you on a course that guarantees book sales of your own. The truth is, there’s no money in writing. But there IS money in telling others how to make money even if it’s not entirely accurate. The key to know if a person is legitimate: look at their sales dashboards before they started selling courses. But the matter of the fact is, most successful authors, whether published traditionally or indie, will most likely never tell you what they did to succeed. Because they found what works for them, or possibly a hack they had to dig to find. And why share that? Then everyone would be doing it. Thus creating even less sales for anyone just breaking in. Don’t trust everything someone tries to sell you. Because if it were truly valuable, they wouldn’t share it openly. Find what works for you and do with that information as you wish. Just don’t expect the same results as the person next to you by trying the same exact thing.

DA Rasmussen
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Survey: What Readers Really Want

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A few days ago, Written World Media (WWM) published the results of a survey on what readers really want. The company has five reader-facing brands such as Freebooksy, Bargain Booksy, and Red Feather Romance, that allow authors and publishers to reach the right readers, with each of these brands catering to a different reader profile […]Survey: What Readers Really Want

This an interesting read! I had no idea.

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Post-Apocalyptic Books

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Released this year or soon to be released available in my amazon store – books i love

Post-Apocalyptic Books


Her Website is Robin’s Reviews

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30 Chapter Beat Sheet Image

30 Chapter Beat Sheet Image Reading Time: 2 minutes
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A Group For Readers

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I created a group for readers to discuss their favorite titles. I did this because every “reader” group I joined was just a bunch of self promo authors but no one was actually buying or reading the books of each other. I want to talk books and create a place for readers to have a place to do so.

I do allow some promotional material for authors but only if they message me so that I can post it for them. Any self promo will automatically get you banned.

Please respect the rules.

However, I do allow self promos on my Break the Bull Forum BOOK PROMOS. Feel free to post there. 😌

Fiction Addiction Group on Facebook

Thank you! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

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Hello World!

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Hello and welcome to my author website. Feel free to comment and share anything you like. I will begin posting updates as soon as I can. Enjoy!

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