The Companies Responsible For Guaranteed Advancement

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As a goof I created some logos for the companies I created in my book series. I know I should be writing! Don’t yell at me! LOL. But I couldn’t help myself. I love the world I created and want to give some extra info about each company featured. I am currently working on the glossary as well. I’ll post that on the next day I decide to procrastinate. Happy readings!

SOGA is the main operation that blankets the companies involved with it. It’s used more as an identifier than anything, but encompasses every possible job on the market. But these are the main ones that not everyone gets approved into as a potential career. They’re the beginning of everyone’s fresh start into Solaris.

Primal Intelligence is one of the top companies created within Solaris. It was the first one established and continues to grow as the world changes. This company features NXT(A VR Based Rehabilitation Center) and NXT WRLD (A VR Based Social Media and Learning Program). Both can store and access memories, even the ones from early on in life and whatever was once forgotten.

Sigma Solutions came about around the same time as Primal Intelligence. Sigma is composed of two programs called Alpha and Omega. Alpha helps determine the best job possible for the individual based on tests rather than experiences or education. At which point, a career is given upon completion. The jobs are ranked as A, X, and O. X being unemployable. People are given either A or O rank. Never both, except in one rare case. But never all 3. Omega is known for housing placement and UBI qualifications.

Raven Corp is one of the latest companies. It’s purpose is always up for debate amongst the citizens as it has became a nuisance. It was created by two sisters named Ebony and Ivory. They got their popularity by bringing the citizens televised entertainment. Solaris wasn’t allowed to access any other countries for the sake of entertainment. Raven Corp also talks about the news of local developments and sports casted from various VR platforms in Solaris.

Thrive for Lyf is something a bit newer. It contains two main programs: Plexus and Nexus. Plexus is all about life creation and sustainability. Their focus is finding safer ways to create life without the trauma of birthing, and studies of herbal medications amongst machines necessary to better the lives of Solaris. Nexus is about connection and adaptation. They made it possible to save ones consciousness for later use and transfer.

Starlight Electronics came about the same time as Primal Intelligence. Both companies built and managed by the same man: Monroe Jackson, and his wife Elise. Starlight has two programs named Pyxis, and Orion. Pyxis is responsible for the building and operating of bions and bionic equipment. Orion is responsible for all things technological within Solaris. Without them, none of these companies would thrive as they have.

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